Rice to Meet You


Dark chocolate cookie mixed with rice crispies, stuffed with champorado, then topped with a condensed milk glaze and graham cracker Goldfish

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Rice to meet you was inspired by a nostalgic Filipino breakfast, called champorado. It was the breakfast my mom would make during snow days after coming in from the cold. My siblings and I would come home to a warm bowl of champorado.

Champorado is basically sticky rice with a deep, dark cocoa, sweetened only by a swirl of condensed milk. The way my mom made it had the consistency of oatmeal, but everyone has their own take on it. For the adventure-seekers, it is topped with dried fish called “tuyo” for that sweet and salty factor. 

This cookie has that same deep champorado flavor with a sweetness for those non-dark chocolate lovers, using four different kinds of chocolate: dark cocoa, black cocoa, 60% chocolate and 72% chocolate. In the middle, there is homemade champorado filling, made with cocoa, sticky rice, and condensed milk. Then, we mixed in rice crispies to pull the experience all together. 

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Eggs, and Soy

Manufactured in a facility that also processes nuts.

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